Artist Statement
Similar to a preface of a literary work, an artist statement provides context, a descriptive basis for works and further explanation on the intentions of the artist.  The following is Shen’s Artist Statement.

Artist Statement

I remain as passionate about street art as when I was a teen spray-painting under Northern California bridges in the 1980s. On brisk nights, I learned to paint by value rather than color, eagerly anticipating viewing my work at daybreak if my piece wasn’t painted over by a rival.

Painting allows me an ongoing discovery of myself and my relationship with the imagery I create. I empathize and seek to identify with the subject. I search for the story, the struggles, the conflicts, the breakthroughs and the victories. I seek to express the best in even the worst of us and discover what can be learned, what can be overcome. Ultimately, I want to find discover ways of creating the most powerful impact.

Love fascinates me. I explore its many facets, incorporating movement through elements of vibrant, bold, arrestive pop imagery. I share love through my art, receiving so much more of it myself. I live my dream of painting love across the world, one painting at a time.

My process involves deep layering of color, textures, imagery, typography, and often natural elements, such as handmade paper and found materials. I may select a painting surface, like wood, for a subject and allow elements of that surface to show through. This symbolizes the many layers of the human condition and the experiences that influence who we are and who we are becoming. My airbrush enables me to stay connected to my aerosol roots. I like to use unrelated elements, manipulating them into conformity. As each piece unfolds, I experience a sense of actualization, order, and inner harmony.