"Cherish Life" Mural Project

by Shen

“Cherish Life” Mural Project


Participate in Shen’s historic mural!

:ShenShen210: and her family are painting a mural in Houston to encourage our community to “Cherish Life!”

Where:  Intersection of FM 1960 and Steubner-Airline Rd.

Shen’s words:  “When I was a teen, an authority figure insisted I get an abortion after becoming pregnant.  Now that I’m older with 8 beautiful children and 5 miscarriages, I realize that the death of that baby was nothing short of a tragedy.  If there was one choice that I could change, it would be the choice to end that baby’s life.”

Shen’s intention for this mural is to encourage our community and our world to cherish life.  To help women, especially, see that babies are a gift from God, and that a pregnancy is nothing short of a sacred time, no matter how the baby was conceived.

We are looking for help in the funding of this mural which will be painted in a busy area of Houston.

How can I participate?

Be a part of the mural

We are offering portraits of babies one year of age or under to be painted in the mural (Phase II) for a donation of $2500. There will only be a few spots for these portraits in the mural, and Shen will be personally jurying the photos.  The photos must be of excellent quality and clarity. The baby’s portraits that Shen paints will be a public statement that their families care about taking a stand for life and will be a declaration of everything that is good and beautiful in our world. Send name and interest to sharon@shenstudio.com

Painted Prayers

There will also be a limited amount of spaces for names of babies, individuals, and/or families to be painted in a beautiful font by Shen as a part of the mural.  The suggested donation for names is $300.  These names will be taking a stand for life to be cherished in this often dark world, and will be called “Painted Prayers.”  Send name and interest to sharon@shenstudio.com.


For those of you who would like to help fund this project, we would greatly appreciate your help.   Every $60 buys 10 cans of paint and the scissor lift is a pretty penny!  Be a part of this movement and donate today!