An Untitled Portrait of Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw

by Shen

In the following, Shen presents her thoughts, feelings and contextualization on her new work, an untitled portrait of U.S. House Representative-elect Dan Crenshaw.

Election night 2018 was a big big win WIN! I was so very honored to have been invited to paint live at future U.S. House Representative Dan Crenshaw’s election night victory party!

I was planning on painting a different patriotic picture. However, yesterday, when I heard of the Saturday Night Live “spoof” on Dan, I wanted to create this painting to honor Dan as a veteran, a man of integrity and honor working hard for Texas and America, and personally as a man who loves God.

The painting is a work-in-progress, still needing a few finishing touches.

Below are pictures from the beginning of the event, then four hours later after victory was announced.

Jimmy and I loved meeting Tara and Carmen, Dan’s wife, Uncle and Mother. This is a beautiful family that stole my heart!