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See Shen’s Artwork

Shen invites you to her studio for a personalized viewing.

Street Art Roots

Shen’s early years was as a San Francisco Bay Area street artist in the 1980s. She climbed her way to art fandom through large street murals; compositions of culture, color and the beauty of community.

Shen Brings her Art Exhibit to You

With an abundance of paintings at hand, Shen wants to bring her exhibit to you in a virtual setting. Whether it’s a piece you are interested in, or if you simply love them all, Shen is offering the rare privilege of presenting her works up close and personal.

Book your One-on-One with Shen

Simply fill out the following request form to meet Shen on a virtual tour. Our team will be in contact with you in a timely manner to set up a date and time. Shen looks forward to meeting you!

See Shen’s Artwork

Shen invites you to her studio for a personalized viewing.

What is a Virtual Gallery Tour with Shen?

In this age of COVID-19, some art lovers,  not wanting to place their health at risk, are relunctant to travel. With that, Shen’s team would like to bring her art to you with a one-on-one virtual gallery tour with Shen.

What’s included?

A virtual meeting with Shen includes:

  • A 30-minute meeting via Zoom;
  • A storytelling on Shen’s artwork; or,
  • An art discussion on the topic of your choice.

A Cross-section of Samples from Shen’s Collections

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Request a Personal Virtual Tour

Fill out the form below and a Shen’s assistant will contact you to book a time with Shen. Fee: $50 for individuals (and will be credited towards any purchase). Complimentary for Art Galleries and Museums.

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